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The Berber Experience

A few Fridays ago I finally decided to use my travelzoo voucher for BerBer Resto Bar Lounge. It was the best food I’ve ever tasted. It was my first time having Berber food, so I am not sure if the experience was as close to the real culture, but nonetheless the food was amazing.

The venue was interesting. There didn’t seem like there was much seating for dinner. All the seating were very similar to the lounge, which was different from a normal restaurant but a little tough when trying to eat due to the low tables.

My menu:

  1. Anti-Pasto – smoked salmon, artichoke w/ other stuff
  2. Lambchop w/ mashed potato
  3. Sorbet mixed w/ Grenadine
  4. 8oz Steak with vegetables
  5. Creme Brulee

Everything was delicious. I couldn’t believe how tasty everything was. The service was a little mismatched in the kitchen, but the server I had took great care of us and offered us a drink on the house as an apology.

I would go here again – and many more times (if I could afford it!).

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