Love’s entanglement

Even when everything can be going right at the stage we are in, I can’t help but wonder what will happen in a year or two, but especially in five. Are we on a path destined to end and if we are, is it worth the pain? The pain that will be 100 times stronger than if it would be if it were to end now.

 We’re moving together, but are you moving in the same direction I am or am I in yours? How can something smaller than the weight of love, be the decision of destiny?

It’s too early to know now. But how long do we wait to know when the right way is the way we’re moving?  Because the longer we climb, the harder we will fall.


One thought on “Love’s entanglement

  1. The higher you climb, the closer you are to the summit. There are safety ropes to catch you in you fall, you always climb with a harness.

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