Not feeling the TGIF acronym…

It’s been about month since  my undergrad and I can definitely say, I am even busier than ever. Exact opposite of what I hoped it would be like.

For one, I have to pay more bills because of OSAP and “rent”. Secondly, now that I am working full-time, I am spending more because of the money flow. I’ve officially become a shopaholic, however now when I do shop, an image of my boyfriend’s disappointed expression veers me away from it. However, the thing that takes most of my time is my free time which can be associated as my volunteer time. I’ve taken on two more responsibilities to keep myself busy but I am a lot busier than initially imagined. It’s nice, but it cuts time out of my family, friends and myself.

This weekend, I will need to design a new template for my highschool’s alumni newsletter, and update another organization’s website to reflect the gala we are currently planning. Aside from that, I am going to do some DIY crafts! I am building a coat rack – just a simple one – and a board that will lean on my desk against the wall with small shelves to put everyday things, such as keys, access card, phone, iPod etc.

This weekend will be the busiest weekend of the month for me. So instead of looking forward to the weekend, I’m looking forward to the end of it. If only Monday can come any quicker!


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