I got food.

Today a close friend of mine sent me this message:

3 words. 8 letters. Say it and I’m all yours.

‘I got food.”

This made me chuckle. Ever since I’ve known Tay, she’s always commented on the fact that I eat a lot.

One day she asked me,”Do you live to eat or eat to live.” I had to think about it even though we both knew what the answer was. It was probably the first time I ever had to think about food. I think I live to eat. When you grow up in a big city, with such a vast variety of food from different cultures, how can you not live to eat? I mean, even when I go on vacations, the first thing I will always research is to find out what venues I should check out for food and plan it around there. There is so much delicious food to try, and one day, I think I will try it all!

Perhaps I should start a new project, to have a list of food to try or even places to go to. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “I got food.

  1. Taylor Short says:

    You should definitely do this! You can blog about the experience!!!!! :) xo Tay

  2. Taylor Short says:

    Absolutely! Great idead :)

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