Good things happen to good people

It’s almost midway into the semester which also means reading week is almost here! I have a lot on my plate this semester but it is worth every second.  I currently work one part-time job, two contract jobs, one internship, and I an enrolled in four courses (thankfully not five). I guess it doesn’t help that spend 4-5 hours commuting each day. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so busy because I barely have time for myself, let alone my friends/family. But, on the bright side, all this will shape my future. We all have dreams and goals, but everything we do now determines how close we are to achieving them. I hope I am close. 2 more months until I can taste where life will take me.


One thought on “Good things happen to good people

  1. Taylor Short says:

    Good things definitely come to goo people! You’re the best Lisa. Kepp working hard.


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