The new solitaire

My cubicle neighbors are discussing the game Angry Birds. They’re finding it hard to understand the point of it and why people are fans of the simple game. One coworker mentioned something very interesting though. He said that Angry Birds is the new solitaire. Now that we have our fingers instead of mice, we need a new kind of game that can cater to the advancement of our technology. I agree but I also disagree. With new technology emerging in the market every week, games are being developed even faster, three times faster. If Angry Birds was once the new solitaire, then that could be said for Plants vs. Zombie or Fruit Ninja.

It’s scary how fast technology has transformed. I remember being the coolest kid on the block because I had a CD player (by had I mean my older sister’s) and now I have an iPod Touch that can hold more than 14 tracks about the same price. Even with my Touch I am still behind the rest of society in technological terms. LS


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