Last one… I swear.

Hello. Today I slept in later than I should have. Recently I’ve been feeling very lazy but it seems to only happen around this time of the year. Maybe it’s because 3 years ago this time, I was on drugs most of the time due to my injury. But maybe it’s because I’ve been TRYING to quit smoking recently, again. The reason I capitalized trying is because I realized that I can’t, right now that is. The only time I don’t smoke is when I’m in Toronto. Since I only have class 1-2 times a week in Oshawa, and it is only during those times I smoke, I guess I’m working my way to quitting… slowly.

Perhaps I’ll quit cold turkey after graduation, but I wouldn’t count on it this year since I’ll be going to Europe in August (hopefully) and smoking is second nature there.

I hope something/someone will show me a reason to quit. LS


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