Accomplishments for Dec. 29th

December 29th – Accomplishments and things that I have learned from them.

1) Accomplishment – I built my first gingerbread house with my twelve year old brother.

What I learned: Regular icing is not a substitute for icing sugar, and that patience is the key when melting sugar to use as glue. It became really messy.

2) Accomplishment – Shoe shopping with a guy.

What I learned: One of the most boring things ever. Now, I understand how significant others/partners/friends feel when dragged around by a fe/male who cannot decide on what to get. yawn*

3) Accomplishment –Ride the new subway cars in Toronto -twice!

What I learned: These cars have been running since the summer, but I was never lucky enough to catch one. I really like how easy it is to go from car to car, how accessible it is for individuals in wheelchairs, but most of all – all the handle bars are sprayed with something that kills microbes! Being observant on the train, and watching all those patrons spread microorganisms has always grossed me out.



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