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Accomplishments for Dec. 29th

December 29th – Accomplishments and things that I have learned from them.

1) Accomplishment – I built my first gingerbread house with my twelve year old brother.

What I learned: Regular icing is not a substitute for icing sugar, and that patience is the key when melting sugar to use as glue. It became really messy.

2) Accomplishment – Shoe shopping with a guy.

What I learned: One of the most boring things ever. Now, I understand how significant others/partners/friends feel when dragged around by a fe/male who cannot decide on what to get. yawn*

3) Accomplishment –Ride the new subway cars in Toronto -twice!

What I learned: These cars have been running since the summer, but I was never lucky enough to catch one. I really like how easy it is to go from car to car, how accessible it is for individuals in wheelchairs, but most of all – all the handle bars are sprayed with something that kills microbes! Being observant on the train, and watching all those patrons spread microorganisms has always grossed me out.



First Thought


… come to think of it, what’s the salutation for the hours between 12AM and 3AM? I feel like ‘Good Morning’ would be too early, and ‘Good Night’ be too late… Anyway, it’s Boxing Day in Canada, the continuation of the worst, yet best, holiday in my mind. As a family, we don’t celebrate Christmas but that’s not why I don’t like the holiday though. It’s not the lack of presents… its the lack of family presence which factors in the feeling of “I’m so bored!!” I have a family of seven, which meant that our house is always lively. And now that it’s Christmas, everybody is out spending it with their other halves except my little brother and the rents. Aside from the lifeless household living I am so use to, the fact that I get to spend time with my mother and father on their only days off of the year, makes it the best part of this holiday. LS